Ukraine refugee free shop London

We’ve all seen the horrific conditions that war has caused in Ukraine (and other countries like Yemen and Syria). Not all of us can offer accommodation or big donations to those fleeing such war zones. But we feel we can help those refugees in a small way.

After seeing that “free shops” for Ukrainian refugees have been set up in countries like Poland and Ireland, we’ve decided to try something similar here in north-west London. We’re going to offer free English-learning books and childrens’ toys for Ukrainian refugees (and others fleeing war in their homeland). We are going to put in items when we can (our turnover is not great), but we will need help/donations where possible – can you spare a childrens’ toy, learning book or dictionary? It’s going to be a bit of an experiment, and if we get requests for other items, we’ll update this page.


  1. Donate items to our bookshop on 92 Willesden Lane, Kilburn, London NW6 7TA. We will then make those items available free to refugees.
  2. Spread the word – retweet or share our twitter and Facebook messages (@OffsideBooks)
  3. From time to time, if we get a request for a specific book, we’ll put it out on twitter. You can then “buy” that book for the fund, by paying us on our paypal account info@offsidebooks , or if you have the book already (or buy it at Waterstones or other bookshops) you can drop it off at our Kilburn location.

We hope this project will help those who’ve been forced from their homes by war, and thank all those who help, in any way.