Juan’s Claws Screening 13 July

We are proud to host another intriguing film screening at Offside Books, on 13 July 2017 from 7pm.

This time it’s a short documentary about the determination of a man and his battle with an inherited disease – Friedreich’s Ataxia – that debilitates all muscles in the body. Working in between the genre of observational documentary and personal cinema, it follows Juan’s journey to the middle of the jungle along the Don Diego river, in the Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta – Colombia, one of his dreams for his fortieth birthday celebration.

The film is a reflection about the perception of time and a celebration of one man’s courage against all odds.

Entry: £6.00 includes drink and nibbles

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Poetry of Many Worlds 5 July 2017

Update: Another great night – here’s the feedback from Brian:

Hi Folks,

Thank you for making this evening so amazing!
Here is a list of some of the poems that were read:

Vasko Popa: Give me back my rags
Partaw Naderi: My voice
Sheenagh Pugh: Sometimes
Thomas Hardy: At Castle Boterel
Robert Lowell: Mother Marie Therese
James Windsor: Malcolm and The Angels

also recommended :
Gabriel Garcia Marquez : No one writes to the Colonel
JRR Tolkien ; Rivendell chapter from Lord of the Rings
Ursula K Le Guin: The Dispossessed, The Wizard of Earthsea,

Next month's Poetry of Many Worlds will be on Wednesday August 2nd.

The theme will be
Responses to world events (such as Grenfell Tower...)

See you then.

Best regards



Once again there is another evening of poetry on the first Wednesday of the month – 5th July at 7:00 at Offside Books, 92 Willesden Lane.

As per our esteemed host Brian Lee, the theme will be as follows:

Poems that help you, have helped you get through the dark times -
depression or inner crisis - or have helped you cope with what life has
thrown at you.

We all go there and hopefully we all come back stronger and ready to face
the world.

Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

Also, if you like you can bring poems on other themes, or you are also
welcom to come and listen.
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Booklaunch July 2 2017 CHIAROSCURO

Offside books and ‘Poetry of many worlds’ take great pleasure in inviting you to the launch of CHIAROSCURO – a collection of poems by Chetana.

Chetana lives locally, and has enchanted attendees of our regular poetry meetups with her poems.  She is now launching a collection of her poems on Sunday 2 July at 3pm to 5pm.

Space is limited so RSVP to 020 7624 9340  or info@offsidebooks.com

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7 June 2016 Poetry of Many Worlds

Once again there is another evening of poetry next Wednesday 7th June at 7:00 at Offside Books, 92 Willesden Lane.

The theme this time is “Love and Lust”., and as before the night will be overseen by Brian Lee.

Please bring poems to share on this theme,
your own poems on any theme
or just come and listen

As before, the charge for entrance will be £3. Tea/refreshments will be served.

*** UPDATE  ***

Brian’s summary of the night..

Hi Folks,

A big thank you to all who came and shared and listened last night. So many
of the pieces that were read touched me and really moved me.

Here is a list of what I managed to catch of poems that were read:

William Blake - Never seek to tell thy love...
William Shakespeare - Let me not... (Sonnet 116)
Sir Thomas Wyatt - The lover sheweth how he is forsaken of such as he
sometime enjoyed.
Maya Angelou - Come and be my baby
Constantine Cavafy - The Mirror in the Hall
Rumi - The Lovers
Antonio Jacinto - Letter from a contract worker
Rhoda Janzen - Ras el Hanout
Samuel Beckett - Cascando
Pablo Neruda - Lovely one
Pablo Neruda - If you forget me
Derek Walcott - Adam's Song
Andrew Marvell - To his coy mistress
Rumi - The Turn dance in your blood (Inside water, a waterwheel...)
Reiko Iwano - An alien poet's struggle to make a poem in English

*The next evening will be on Wednesday 5th July at 7pm* at Offside Books,
92 Willesden Lane. Kilburn.

Theme to be announced!

*** Also for your diary : *Launch of Che's book 'Chiaroscuro*' ***
*Sunday 2nd July at 3pm* at the bookshop

More details closer to the date.

Have a good month

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Film screening – Food in Film

You are warmly welcomed for our  second film screening and discussion at the Bookshop (OffSide Books).


Thursday 25 May, at 7 pm 

Beauty should be edible, or not at all.’ Salvador Dali

Two short films using food and the idea of a meal as a means of poetic and playful explorations.

Food, 1992

By Jan Svankmajer


Jan Svankmajer is one of the most important contemporary filmmakers and artists, working in the medium of stop motion animation. His films explore tactility, viscerally, and often his deeper fascination with food. Here food and the act of eating is used as a metaphor for our contemporary consumer society, which devours everything.

Dinner for Deep Surface Divers, 2016

By Tereza Stehlikova

Can a dinner become the means of transportation into an inner world of the imagination? Two characters embark on a journey through a set menu.

The film is part of Stehlikova’s artistic research into evoking sensory impressions and embodied memory in film.

Entry: £6.00 includes drink and nibbles

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Poetry of Resistance night Wednesday 3 May 2017

Once again there is another evening of poetry next Wednesday 3rd May at 7:00 at Offside Books, 92 Willesden Lane.

The organiser Brian Lee tells us

The theme for the first part of the evening is Poetry of Resistance. This does not necessarily mean political resistance, it also means the poetry that helps you to stay strong, to connect with your inner strength in order to get through difficult times. So please bring poems on this theme that you would like to share.
Then the rest of the evening will be open for your own poetry  Or just come and listen. We need listeners too!

As before, the charge for entrance will be £3. Tea or coffee will be served.

Feedback from Brian Lee (next poetry night Wednesday 7 June)

Hi Folks,

First of all, my thanks to all of you who came to the Poetry of Many Worlds
group last night and for making the evening so special. Thank you to those
who read and also to those who listened.

As promised, here is a list of some the poems that were read:

Carrion Comfort by Gerard Manley Hopkins
After a War by Chinua Achebe
Ithaca by Constantine Cavafy
from Mental Fight by Ben Okri
the lyrics of Hand in Love by Morrissey
And still I rise by Maya Angelou
A letter to my wife by Nazim Hikmet
Easter 1916 by WB Yeats
from War all the Time by Charles Bukowski
The Basic Con by Lew Welch
Mushrooms by Sylvia Plath
Forced March by Miklos Radnoti
Identity Card by Mahmoud Darwish

The next evening will be at Offside Books on Wednesday June 7th at 7pm.
The theme for the first half of the evening will be Love ... and Lust.

Have a good month and see you then.

Best regards

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Film Screening: Trieste 19 April

Tereza Stehlikova has generously agreed to screen her short film Trieste (made in collaboration with the writer Deborah Levy) at Offside Books on Wednesday 19 April, 2017.

The film blends the different personal histories of Trieste’s inhabitants, giving voice to various migrant communities (Jews, Greeks, Serbians)  that have made their home here, whilst adding elements of their own religion and customs.
Illuminating these anecdotes are excerpts from Levy’s short story, Swallowing Geography, that reflect on the “nature of belonging and displacement, permanence and ephemerality, and the meaning of home.”

For more indepth background to the film read here

The screening will be followed by a discussion and refreshments!

All welcome – Fee: £6 (includes wine and nibbles). Please ask in advance if wishing to attend as space is limited.

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Monthly Poetry Meetup.

Are you looking for a place to read your own poetry, to share poems that you love, or just to come and listen..?
Offside Books are pleased to host the event “Poetry of many worlds” on the first Wednesday of each month 7pm to 9pm, starting 1 March 2017. Facilitator: Brian Lee.  92 Willesden Lane, Kilburn NW6 7TA

So if you’re in Kilburn, Willesden, Cricklewood, West Hampstead etc., and are into poetry, you know now where to come.

BREAKING:  The next event takes place Wednesday 5th April. The theme for the first half of the evening will be poetry written by women.

UPDATE The event for June takes place Wednesday 7th June at 7pm. The theme will be “Love and Lust”


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Creative Writing Course with Hud Saunders (8 weeks early 2017)

Offside Books are proud to announce we are hosting a creative writing course, with Hud Saunders, at our bookshop on 92 Willesden Lane, Kilburn, NW6 7TA from the 7th of February 2017 to 4th April 2017.

About Hud Saunders:

In 2003 Hud Saunders graduated from editing film scripts to writing screenplays – his first film, ‘Brothers in Arms’, written for Moulin Rouge producer Martin Brown, was followed by several screenplays, alongside the role of creative consultant on both of 1 Giant Leap’s Grammy nominated movie documentaries. His first novel ‘The Beasts of Belmont Park’ was published by The Pigeonhole in 2015. He is currently writing the sequel.
Hud has been teaching creative writing since 2010. He taught the highly successful ‘Writer’s Garret’ course at Lauderdale House from 2013-2015 and has run workshops and writing courses for groups and advertising agencies.



About the course:

Have you ever wondered about writing but felt unsure of how to start?  Do you write on your own but need some feedback?  Are you an experienced writer looking for ways to develop your skills? This fun and inspiring course will provide stimulating and thought-provoking exercises and prompts to get you started, along with lots of constructive advice. Ideal for both beginners and experienced writers.
Participants only need to bring a pen and something to write on.

The course will run from the 7th of February 2017 to 4th April 2017 (with a one week break in the middle), on subsequent Tuesday nights from 7pm-9pm.
Cost: £160

Please note places are limited to a maximum of ten participants, so please book early to secure a place.


“I really enjoyed it – it was great to get feedback and Hud did a great job of facilitating a relaxed atmosphere. It gave me the confidence to write a few other bits and pieces and submit a poem to a friend’s ‘zine’”- Heather Griffiths

“I learned that starting to write isn’t as difficult if you let your mind free and write whatever. If you start with setting yourself limits and boundaries you won’t get anywhere.”- Peter Konickx

“It was great to just let go and write for a change. Being a copywriter I’m so used to having rules to stick to, or tone of voices, but with this course I could kind of just write whatever came into my head.  I thought Hud was great, really enthusiastic and could find positive things in what everyone had written.”- Amy Westbrook, Creative, YKCR/Y&R

“I was inspired to write more, Hud was very good and very encouraging.”- Anna-Marie Holub

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Language Conversation nights 2017

We are pleased to announce that our conversation nights resume in January.

The Anglo-French conversation group will meet up every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 7pm. First meetup will be Wednesday 11th January. Admission is £6, which includes a free drink and snacks.

Our Spanish-English intercambio group is undergoing a pause. News soon of the revamp.

All levels welcome to each language group.

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