Black feminism event – 2 August 7pm

We are privileged to host an event “Decolonising the Mind” at our bookshop at 92 Willesden Lane on Thursday 2nd August.

Join us for a politically charged dialogue that engages contemporary issues of blackness, feminism and decoloniality in the diaspora, located in the differences and commonalities of black women’s experience of existing in the shadow of empire.

The event will be hosted by Lesley-Ann Brown, a Trinidad-American writer who is a web commentator at, and by Simmi Dullay, raised in Denmark and now residing in London.

A £4.00 contribution will be requested, and cheese and wine will be seved during the event.


Spanish and English Conversation Nights

For 2017 we will be holding Spanish/English conversation nights each Thursday, starting 12th January at 7pm – 8.30pm

Come along to our bookshop at 92 Willesden Lane NW6 7TA, to practice your Spanish and make new friends..

All language levels welcome. £5 entrance (includes free drink and snack).

Hasta la vista!










Informal social chess evenings starting 3 June

Starting on 3rd June, we will host social chess evenings at 5pm onwards Fridays in our bookshop 92 Willesden Lane, NW6 7TA

It’s going to be on a casual basis to start, all levels are welcome. No admission fee will be charged, but we ask that people help with the bookshop costs by purchasing a tea or coffee and/or books or cards.

Although we have a small number of chess sets, you are welcome to bring your own.

Please spread the word!


Summer promotion 2016

We have an exciting offer for all those who visit our Kilburn bookshop this summer of 2016. Free beer!!!

When you spend £2 or more, you qualify for a voucher for a free beer at the Canaletes Tapas and Wine bar opposite us at 51 Willesden Lane (this free offer is restricted to one beer per adult on any one day).

There is no catch. Canaletes serve delicious tapas at great prices (we know, we’ve sampled them) but there is no obligation to order any.  Merely take in the friendly ambience and enjoy a cold beer on a warm summer’s day… They normally open Tuesday to Sunday from 4pm onwards.

This offer is obviously restricted to adults (sorry kids) over the age of 18, and the voucher will have a two week expiry date. The £2 limit can qualify from spending on cards, gifts, coffees/teas as well as books.



Philo Story Cafe – Thursday 19th May

We are privileged once again to have Jean-Marc Pierson perform his Philo Story Telling at the Community Bookshop at 6.45pm on Thursday 19th May.

The subject is going to be “How to deal with negative emotions”

Is there a definitive solution to the problems caused by fear, anger, guilt and other so called “negative” emotions?

I don’t think so. However, I know one thing: talking about our human challenges with other human beings helps a lot.
I know another thing: you don’t have to tell a story if you don’t want to, but I know you all have fantastic and inspiring or funny anecdotes to tell, and real experience to share.

I know something else: as a story lover and story teller, a lot of wisdom has been shared through stories. That’s why I’ll find a few traditional jokes or tales to tell you about the subject of dealing with difficult emotions.

You’re welcome to attend with a story to tell, or a poem, or anything that can be listened to. You can also very welcome if you wish to listen only.

Story telling is a social art. With a theme and a few stories, we will also have great and meaningful conversation.


Tea and biscuits will be served, and voluntary donations welcome. We all know that Jean-Marc is a thoughtful and entertaining Storyteller, so come along and take advantage of his appearance in the bookshop.

Another great story telling event 6 March

We are privileged to have Jean-Marc Pierson (again) preside over a story telling event in our bookshop. The event takes place on Sunday 6 March between 4pm and 6pm, and as before tea and biscuits will be served up. So for a thought-provoking experience that doesn’t destroy your wallet (entrance is free, but we do ask for donations if you appreciate the event) please come along to the Community Bookshop at 92 Willesden Lane, Kilburn NW6 7TA.

Here is Jean-Marc’s description of the forthcoming story telling:


  • To speak about the human condition, Freud told the story of hedgehogs living in the cold. They tried to huddle together to keep warm, but then they hurt one another with their quills. So they kept distant so as not to get hurt, but they felt cold….

    I have a few stories about the difficulties and the wonders of being people, loving and hurting one another….
    You’re welcome to attend with a story to tell, or a poem, or anything that can be listened to. You can also very welcome if you wish to listen only.

    Story telling is a social art. With a theme and a few stories, we will also have great and meaningful conversation.

    Tea and biscuits will be served.

    Voluntary donations are welcome.

    Meetup Link


Accoustic drop-in Thursday 25 Feb

Once again we are privileged to have instructors and students from London guitar academy (based in Queens Park) drop in and perform an acoustic session as a solidarity measure with our bookstore. The music should include some singer songwriters and some instrumental pieces. The event starts at 6.45 to 7pm and tea, coffee etc will be available.

We want to express our utmost gratitude to the performers from the guitar academy who make this happen. We’ve been able to enjoy some great music on previous occasions, and look forward to the sounds on this night (Please note: Thursday 25 February, not 18 February as previously indicated).


Tea, Cakes and Stories of Love! 14 February



The North London Traditional Storytelling Circle’s special Valentine’s Day tea party


Sunday, 14th February 2016 4 – 6 pm


We are pivileged to host The North London Traditional Storytelling Circle’s special Valentine’s Day tea party. Please bring your myths, fairy tales and folk stories of romantic, brotherly, parental or any other kind of love.

Tea and biscuits will be provided (cake will incur a charge)  and we ask as usual for a donation to cover costs.

Space is limited please RSVP to

The Community Bookshop (Here!)

92 Willesden Lane, Kilburn NW6 7TA


Escape the stresses of modern life with Sunday Storytelling!


Life too much of a slog?

If you’re tired of the constant day-to-day struggle, then you need a form of escape.




This Sunday 31st January we see the premiere of Sunday Story Telling at the bookshop…




Philo story café

Sunday, 31st January 2016    4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Free (optional donation)

Abundance and misery

Is abundance something we can attract just by the quality of our thoughts?

Is misery necessarily the result of a “bad karma” or of flaws in our character?

Do we live in an essentially unjust world in which chance or bad luck happens independently of whether we deserve it or not?

How do we cope with uncertainty? I will tell more or less the stories and the discussions will be less about our relationship with money than with fate and fortune…. Everyone is welcome to tell a story, whether it’s a traditional one or a real life anecdote…. or to come and simply listen and socialise. This is the first Philo Story Café in a wonderfully quirky second hand bookshop that’s worth a visit at all times! We will be served tea or coffee with biscuits.

Please contact Jean-Marc for further questions by email