Poetry of Many Worlds – Subject Death! November 1

As per Brian’s description below, the last Poetry of Many Worlds meetup takes place on Wednesday November 1  at 7-9pm.  As well as sharing in the event, there will be a special invite to a Xmas special as a thank you for supporting the bookshop and the poetry nights.

the forthcoming evening for Poetry of Many Worlds takes place next
Wednesday, November 1st at 7pm at the bookshop.

As it's around the time of Hallowe'en and the ancient Celtic festival of
Samhain, the theme will be death and how it reflects and gives meaning to
life. Elegies, poems about ancestors, winter as the death of the year -
leading of course to rebirth...

By the way, this will be the last Poetry of Many Worlds session for 2017.
We plan to have a little break and to start up again in February. Your
suggestions about how we continue will be most welcome.

The fee as always is £3 and includes free tea and biscuits.

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