Weekly Language Club, Kilburn, starts 28 September

Kilburn Language Club
Stars Thursday 28 September 2017   From 7 to 9 pm
At The Bookshop (OffSide Books), 92 Willesden Lane, NW6 7TA

A weekly language club starts – where people can come along, practise their conversation skills and discuss learning techniques. Over time we can add games like Trivial Pursuit in the relevant language.
It would start with 3 language groups – Spanish, French and German – but any language can be spoken on the night even English (for English learners)! We also anticipate that language teachers may want to come along and participate.
The language club meets would be a social get-together, so no tests or homework! We’d provide wine or juice (or tea or ice cream if you prefer) along with suitable snacks as part of the £7 entrance fee; there will also be a 10 section prepaid for £50 with club membership plus 10% discount on language books.
Language development needs regularity in order to progress. We strongly recommend you become a member of Kilburn Language Club, so weekly costs are just £5 for a night out practising your language(s).
Please let us know in advance as space is limited.

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