Film screening – Food in Film

You are warmly welcomed for our  second film screening and discussion at the Bookshop (OffSide Books).


Thursday 25 May, at 7 pm 

Beauty should be edible, or not at all.’ Salvador Dali

Two short films using food and the idea of a meal as a means of poetic and playful explorations.

Food, 1992

By Jan Svankmajer


Jan Svankmajer is one of the most important contemporary filmmakers and artists, working in the medium of stop motion animation. His films explore tactility, viscerally, and often his deeper fascination with food. Here food and the act of eating is used as a metaphor for our contemporary consumer society, which devours everything.

Dinner for Deep Surface Divers, 2016

By Tereza Stehlikova

Can a dinner become the means of transportation into an inner world of the imagination? Two characters embark on a journey through a set menu.

The film is part of Stehlikova’s artistic research into evoking sensory impressions and embodied memory in film.

Entry: £6.00 includes drink and nibbles

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