Summer promotion 2016

We have an exciting offer for all those who visit our Kilburn bookshop this summer of 2016. Free beer!!!

When you spend £2 or more, you qualify for a voucher for a free beer at the Canaletes Tapas and Wine bar opposite us at 51 Willesden Lane (this free offer is restricted to one beer per adult on any one day).

There is no catch. Canaletes serve delicious tapas at great prices (we know, we’ve sampled them) but there is no obligation to order any.  Merely take in the friendly ambience and enjoy a cold beer on a warm summer’s day… They normally open Tuesday to Sunday from 4pm onwards.

This offer is obviously restricted to adults (sorry kids) over the age of 18, and the voucher will have a two week expiry date. The £2 limit can qualify from spending on cards, gifts, coffees/teas as well as books.



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