Philo Story Cafe – Thursday 19th May

We are privileged once again to have Jean-Marc Pierson perform his Philo Story Telling at the Community Bookshop at 6.45pm on Thursday 19th May.

The subject is going to be “How to deal with negative emotions”

Is there a definitive solution to the problems caused by fear, anger, guilt and other so called “negative” emotions?

I don’t think so. However, I know one thing: talking about our human challenges with other human beings helps a lot.
I know another thing: you don’t have to tell a story if you don’t want to, but I know you all have fantastic and inspiring or funny anecdotes to tell, and real experience to share.

I know something else: as a story lover and story teller, a lot of wisdom has been shared through stories. That’s why I’ll find a few traditional jokes or tales to tell you about the subject of dealing with difficult emotions.

You’re welcome to attend with a story to tell, or a poem, or anything that can be listened to. You can also very welcome if you wish to listen only.

Story telling is a social art. With a theme and a few stories, we will also have great and meaningful conversation.


Tea and biscuits will be served, and voluntary donations welcome. We all know that Jean-Marc is a thoughtful and entertaining Storyteller, so come along and take advantage of his appearance in the bookshop.

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