Another great story telling event 6 March

We are privileged to have Jean-Marc Pierson (again) preside over a story telling event in our bookshop. The event takes place on Sunday 6 March between 4pm and 6pm, and as before tea and biscuits will be served up. So for a thought-provoking experience that doesn’t destroy your wallet (entrance is free, but we do ask for donations if you appreciate the event) please come along to the Community Bookshop at 92 Willesden Lane, Kilburn NW6 7TA.

Here is Jean-Marc’s description of the forthcoming story telling:


  • To speak about the human condition, Freud told the story of hedgehogs living in the cold. They tried to huddle together to keep warm, but then they hurt one another with their quills. So they kept distant so as not to get hurt, but they felt cold….

    I have a few stories about the difficulties and the wonders of being people, loving and hurting one another….
    You’re welcome to attend with a story to tell, or a poem, or anything that can be listened to. You can also very welcome if you wish to listen only.

    Story telling is a social art. With a theme and a few stories, we will also have great and meaningful conversation.

    Tea and biscuits will be served.

    Voluntary donations are welcome.

    Meetup Link


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