Sensible Saturday

Many independent shops are hosting an event known as #SensibleSaturday on November 28.

We will be joining them, so come along to our book and giftstore on 92 Willesden Lane, Kilburn (NW6 7TA) to support a local business and to socialise with others who support local bookshops.

Festive Friday and Sensible Saturday – 27-28 November (sample sherry and mince pies)
Sensible Saturday = The antidote to Black Friday
– 10% off all books
– 20% off selected book bags and posters.

As well as books we sell coffee and teas, and great gift ideas such as mugs, posters, book bags, iPhone cases and greetings cards.
We humbly ask our supporters to come along this weekend and have an alternative shopping experience. Help us to remain an asset to Willesden Lane and to Kilburn.


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