Poetry of Many Worlds 2018

UPDATE The Poetry of many Worlds group is no longer meeting at Offside Books.

If you need to contact the organiser Brian Lee please contact us directly and we’ll pass on a message.


A place to read your own poetry, to share poems that you love, or just to come and listen.
This event takes place the first Wednesday of every month, 7pm to 9pm, starting 7th February.
The facilitator is Brian Lee, and admission is £3 (includes refreshments). Below a few words of description from Brian himself:

Poetry of Many Worlds

Not just many cultures, and Kilburn has plenty of those! But life 
experiences as well. Each person, each generation, whether local or 
incomer carries a world within them. Memories of childhood, challenges, 
journeys, visions. Each one of us has our own unique way of looking at 
the world and expressing that in words. That’s what we’re about.

Poetry of Many Worlds

We are in our second year now, listening to each others’ writings, 
empowering each other to be in words, in a poem maybe what we cannot be 
in everyday life. To find that hardness, that looseness, that dance of 
language that we call poetry.

Poetry of Many Worlds

A space to read or to listen. The first Wednesday of the month at 
Offside Books.

Come along and join in a friendly local crowd whose passion is for poetry.
Offside Books, 92 Willesden Lane, NW6 7TA

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Film screening and poetry Monday 22 Jan 2018

UPDATE: Please confirm before attending as we’ve had a big response to this event.

We are privileged to announce that this coming Monday 22nd, at OffSideBooks, 92 Willesden Lane, we host a-poetry and film screening on the #Wormwood project, a collaborative work by Steven J Fowler and Tereza Stehlikova.
Come and join us! The event starts 7pm and is planned to be followed by an informal discussion, wine and nibbles!

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Sale of books

We would like to inform those in NW London who are looking to sell their book collections, that we are currently buying non-fiction books in the genres: Art, History, Philosopy and Psycho-Analysis.

If your books are clean and in good condition (sorry, we can’t pay for Readers’ Digest books or encyclopaedias), bring a box or two down to our Kilburn bookshop for us to examine (note that we currently close on Mondays).

Many thanks in advance.

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A mention in Time Out

We have just received some very pleasing news. We have been included in Time Out’s list of favourite London bookshops!

If you want to visit us and find out why we made the list, come along to 92 Willesden Lane NW6 7TA. We are open daily 10am to 6.30pm (Sundays 12 – 4 )

Time Out pick their favourite London bookshops.

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Wine Tasting Evening Wednesday 8 November

UPDATE: We are sorry to announce the event has been postponed, as the organisers are unable to attend.

We will update you if a suitable later date is arranged.


We are privileged to have Dany Teixeira from the Winemakers’ Club, organise a “Walk Around Wine Tasting” event on Wednesday 8th November. Entrance is £15.
As well as the opportunity to sample the different wines, snacks will be provided.
The event starts at 7pm, and we hope to see you then!

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Poetry of Many Worlds – Subject Death! November 1

As per Brian’s description below, the last Poetry of Many Worlds meetup takes place on Wednesday November 1  at 7-9pm.  As well as sharing in the event, there will be a special invite to a Xmas special as a thank you for supporting the bookshop and the poetry nights.

the forthcoming evening for Poetry of Many Worlds takes place next
Wednesday, November 1st at 7pm at the bookshop.

As it's around the time of Hallowe'en and the ancient Celtic festival of
Samhain, the theme will be death and how it reflects and gives meaning to
life. Elegies, poems about ancestors, winter as the death of the year -
leading of course to rebirth...

By the way, this will be the last Poetry of Many Worlds session for 2017.
We plan to have a little break and to start up again in February. Your
suggestions about how we continue will be most welcome.

The fee as always is £3 and includes free tea and biscuits.

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Weekly Language Club Restart 2 November

The Kilburn Language Club (held Thursdays at 7-9pm) has been suspended until Thursday 2 November.

Please note that if you wish to attend and take advantage of conversation with a native French, Spanish or German speaker (or teacher), then you must inform us a few days in advance.

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Feedback – Poetry reading by Bejan Matur 2 Oct 2017

Bejan Matur
reading her poetry in Turkish, Kurdish and English

Monday 2nd October 2017 at Offside Books

To have a chance to meet and listen to a poet such as Bejan Matur in the intimate surroundings of Offside Books was a rare pleasure.  To hear her speak about the village she is from in Northern Kurdistan (East Turkey), with its mountains and streams, its traditions that go back to the days before modern Islam and the Turkish Republic. The fascinating stories she tells of her ‘neolithic grandmother’. And now her life after all the books (ten? twelve?) she has published of her poetry, the languages she has been translated into, the prizes she has won.

And then the pleasure of hearing her recite and to hear the translations in English of her verse, with its intense spirituality, so connected to the earth, so much of the past yet reaching us and touching us here and now. Followed by a special treat for us, a poem in Kurdish – as yet unpublished – with a softness and expressiveness, so different from her Turkish works.

We finished the evening by taking over a local Indian restaurant for more conversations that flew across countries and continents, traversing time as if time were of no consequence.

Bejan spends many months of the year in London. Look out for other events of hers.

Read a selection of her poems online here.
Poems online
Check out her Wikipedia page here:

And if you’re in the area, pop into Offside Books for a bilingual copy of Bejan’s latest book, “If this is a Lament”.

Brian Lee
Oct 2017

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Wednesday October 4 Poetry of Many Worlds Event

Once again, on Wednesday 4th October at 7pm, we host the next evening of ‘Poetry of Many Worlds’ here at Offside Books on Willesden Lane. As always we are extremely indebted to Brian Lee for organising this event.

The theme for the evening will be:
"From the country to the city
From the city to the country
From one country to another.


£3 entrance – includes free refreshment.

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Bejan Matur – Poetry reading Monday 2 Oct 2017

It’s a privilege to announce that the international poet Bejan Matur will be reading her poetry in English, Kurdish and Turkish, on Monday 2nd October 7pm at Offside Books, 92 Willesden Lane in Kilburn.

Bejan Matur is from a Kurdish Alevi family, and has had her poetry translated into 28 languages, including French, Spanish and Chinese.

About Bejan

Bejan Matur is the most illustrious poet among a bold new women’s poetry emerging from the Middle East. Her poetry engages directly and concretely with the struggles of her people, and yet there is also a mysticism in her writing, a closeness to nature, an embracing of mythology – a dialogue with God.

Please confirm in advance if you wish to attend.


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